About Hand Made Items

Many of our items are hand made in house! The nature of hand made items is that there is some expected amount of imperfections. This is what tells you that the item is hand made and should be considered when purchasing. Here are some notices about some variations you should expect to see in our products.

Color/Dye Variations:

Hand dyed items are dyed with the same color dye as their feature image but may be a slightly different color once they dry. This is due to variations in the production of dye batches and the density of fibers in leather. Some tannery dyed leathers are also subject to color variations for the same reasons.

Stitching Variations:

Almost all of our hand stitched items are saddle stitched meaning that for each stitch line there are two threads running its length. This makes for an extremely strong product. Even if one stitch breaks theres still another thread running the length of the stitch. 

The process of saddle stitching goods is very time consuming and very occasionally a stitch might "look off", but that does not compromise the durability of the product.

Range Marks/Scars:

Much of the leather we use is from free range animals meaning that hides may have scars or brands when we get them from the tannery/distributor. It is our policy to generate as little waist as possible given leather is an animal product. We believe that avoidable waist, is not in line with respectful or ethical use. That means that some of our products will exhibit range marks, scars, fat lines, and brands. This makes the product unique and displays its authenticity as artisan made. If you are picky about this you will want to contact us in advance of your purchase, in order to see if we have inventory without marks.