How To Care For Leather Goods.

How To Care For Leather Goods.

New and heirloom leather goods do require some upkeep in order to keep things like dry rot and splitting at bay. Not to mention that during the course of normal use your item will inevitably pick up some scratches and scuffs along the way. While these are the "character" that makes the item uniquely yours, we don't want it to become an opening for unwanted moisture to enter.
In order to preserve your leather goods for generations, you should consider the regular application of products that keep your leather healthy with oils and waxes. Here is my list of leather care products I would recommend for use on the products sold here in our store.

#1: Smith's Leather Balm

If I had to pick one product to maintain all my leather, Smith's Leather Balm would be it. Not only is it extremely effective but it's a joy to use. It's a totally non-toxic blend of cocoa butter, organic beeswax, and almond oil. Smiths Leather Balm leaves a beautiful sheen on your product letting you know you have applied it evenly and that it has saturated the leather in order to protect it. Potentially the best part about this product is its story and the people that produce it. I won't speak for the Smith's but I would encourage you to go read about their story and the origin of their leather balm. Working with chemical products before would constantly aggravate both my skin and nose, since discovering Smiths Leather Balm this is no longer a problem for me. You can buy Smith's Leather Balm from us:

#2: Neatsfoot Oil

I have found Neatsfoot Oil to be one of the most effective products for keeping leather flexible and supple. It’s a popular choice for leather care and sometimes used in leather-craft to cut dyes that can dry out leathers. It does not have an offensive or chemical smell, it actually doesn’t have much of an odor at all. Which means its easier to work with indoors or small spaces. Whenever you see a product in our store labeled "Oiled", Neatsfoot Oil is typically the oil that I use to give a natural veg-tan leather that more saturated color and more supple texture. One thing to consider before using Neatsfoot Oil is that it can darken many types of leather so if that is not ok it might be worth considering a different product.
You can purchase Neatsfoot Oil from a variety of place's, but I love doing business with District Leather Supply, so that where I'm going to send you to get your Neatsfoot Oil:

#3: Fiebing’s Saddle Soap 

Feibing's Saddle Soap is a paste usually applied with a damp rag. It's a good product that if applied properly shouldn't drastically alter the look of your leather and does a great job of removing grime from leather. It doesn't have much of an odor and can easily be used indoors. If you are looking to remove dust or grime from the top of leather Feibing's Saddle Soap is what I recommend. You can buy Feibing's Saddle Soap direct from Fiebing's:

#4: Leather Balm With Atom Wax

Feibing's Leather Balm With Atom Wax is a great topcoat finish if you want to polish your leather to a greater luster. I like to use this product when I want a more glossy finish on a product. It offers great protection for leather products and again has no strong odor. However, I would still wear gloves while applying this as it gets tacky when drying. When applied it can make the colors of leather appear more saturated, but I would also warn that it easy to create streaks in this finish and should be applied with care. You can purchase this topcoat direct from Feibing's:
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